Apinco Hong Kong

Our Battery Technology Expertise

Cell Chemistry

Cell development

We have an extensive network of Scientists and University Professors that have been working with Li-ion for over 30 years. Our experts can advise you on the latest high Ni cathode materials, silicon doped anodes, environment friendly electrolytes and Technologies beyond Lithium Ion, including Li metal/solid state They further work closely with our Manufacturing experts to bring your developments beyond the lab.

Cell Testing

Test Laboratory set-up

Cell development requires a full extensive testing strategy. Our experts are familiar with materials research on button cells to scaling up to single layer pouch and full high power cell testing. We further have experts in performance, safety and abuse testing from finished products. Last but not least we have the expertise in QC sampling, competitive testing and third party testing.

Cell Manufacturing

Cell Manufacturing

Being an Engineer, Raphael has been working with Lithium ion technologies since the mid-nineties. As a consultant he was helping Samsung SDD to build there very first Li-ion Battery plant in Cheonan, Korea in 1998; still one of the largest li-ion factories in the world today. . Raphael assisted many leading cell makers in Japan, Korea, China, France Germany, Finland the UK, USA and Canada to achieve their manufacturing goals.

Our Cash Automation Expertise

Cash Management Software

CMS and IT

Rashad his experience and expertise as an international development executive is based on over 20 years of global advisory, consulting and development, especially in banking technology. Rashad has been working as the CIO of a leading Central Bank.

Cash Processing

Banknote Processing

N. Has been a Banknote Processing manager with one of the leading Central Banks in AP. He is very familiar with the leading high speed processing machines (G&D/CPS(DLR) and Toshiba), desktop equipment (Glory) and Cash destruction. N, has successful implemented several large cash automation projects.

Cash Automation

Cash Automation

Several of our network members, have been retired from leading jobs in the Banknote Industry. We are convinced that we have the right expert, to make your project successful, in our network . Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your specific needs